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You have one, what about your dog?





We care for your dog while you are away, long term or short term. Our property on I'ile-Perrot is fully fenced in. We make several paths in the backyard during the winter for them to play and do their business.

Your dog has complete freedom while boarding in our home. Very welcome on our couch and to sleep on the bed or on their dog bed. We will care for up to three small dogs in addition to our own two. We have an eight year old Shih-tzu and a twelve year old terrier/poodle.

We are generally open daily 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. Please bring enough food and treats for the entire stay, and ensure your dog has had a kennel cough vaccination.

Our boarding fees are $40 per night. We also offer dog sitting and dog daycare for $30 per day Monday to Friday. 

Feel free to check us out... we have references.



Since 2014, we’ve been proudly supporting pet parents throughout the Montreal and West Island area. Motivated by a passion for animals and deep understanding of quality dog care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. When you and your furry friend come to Doggie Vacation, you become part of our family.



“This place is a home away from home for our dog Comet. It's nice to know that someone is taking such good care of our dog while we are away. The owner cares for Comet like he's her very own dog. Would highly recommend if you travel."


Stephanie G., Customer


Please call us to schedule a visit along with your furry friend!

+1 (514) 546-1156

25 Rue Rouleau


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Thanks for contacting us. We will do our best to get back to you within two business days.

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